Safety Issues

Over recent months and as self-balancing scooters have grown and grown in popularity, there has been an ever-increasing number of reports of poor quality scooters, usually bought from eBay or Amazon, exploding and setting fire.

As a reputable retailer, we take our safety responsibilities very seriously and want to help consumers understand the potentially very serious dangers involved with purchasing a cheap, uncertified self balancing scooter.

Let’s talk you through the four main safety issues that have caused many of these cheap, poorly-made scooters to become such a fire hazard, and show you how the XENOWHEEL is different.

1. Lack of overcharge protection

overcharge-protectionOvercharge protection is an important safety feature that effectively works as a cut off switch, preventing the scooter from taking on any further power once the battery is fully charged. The vast majority of cheap scooters found for sale online have been made in Chinese workshops under poor conditions and will not have this crucial safety feature simply because of the extra expense and expertise involved. A scooter without overcharge protection can be a serious fire hazard since lithium batteries have a tendency to explode when they are charged past their capacity. Unless users are incredibly diligent and unplug the scooter as soon as it is fully charged, the risk of it catching fire or exploding is very real.

The XENOWHEEL has overcharge protection built into both the internal circuitry as well as the supplied charging cable giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event that one of the overcharge protection systems fail, the other will act as a fail-safe and prevent the battery from taking on too much power. Additionally, the XENOWHEEL’s Samsung batteries are much higher quality and far more stable than those found in most other self balancing scooters.

2. Unfused, uncertified plugs

unfused-plugThe plugs/kettle leads supplied with many cheap self balancing scooters have no fuse and therefore offer absolutely no protection from electrical power surges or other problems that may arise whilst charging your personal transportation device. Sometimes these are easy to identify, often coming in the form of a small clover shaped plug. However, we have found that many genuine looking plugs sold with cheap scooters have later been found to contain no fuse on further inspection.

All XENOWHEEL scooters come with fully certified BS-1363 fused plugs that conform to all relevant British & EU directives and safety standards, so you can rest assured they’re safe.

3. Cheap batteries

Low quality Lithium batteries can be incredibly unstable and dangerous. Often made up of multiple recycled battery cells from different sources, they have been known to simply explode or set alight at random.

We always use premium ROHS compliant Samsung batteries because the brand is highly reputable and both we and our customers know it can be relied on.

4. No testing or safety standards

Cheap scooters are usually manufactured with little to no testing whatsoever, which means that if there is a fault in the wiring or batteries, nobody will know until the customer experiences a dangerous fault. They’re also often built without any consideration for UK and EU safety standards.

All our scooters go through extensive testing, are up to all legal safety standards and are CE approved, which is the mark of safety when it comes to electrical equipment.