Warranty Information

We warrant that the products sold on our website, other than explicitly stated, are 100% free from defects in material and workmanship.

We warrant our products for 1 year under normal, non-commercial use. Defective products can be repaired (or replaced if repair isn’t possible) if returned within 12 months since the date of purchase. The return must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number, which is to be issued upon request, and must be shipped prepaid at the customer’s expense.

The warranty period is a year from the date of original purchase. A replacement item, if sent, does not restart, or in any way extend the warranty period.

The warranty does not apply to the wear and tear to the product caused by its ordinary use.

Battery cell capacity depletion over time under regular use is normal, and is not an indication of a defect.

Our warranty does not extend to any products that are physically damaged or that are not under normal operating conditions as a result of misuse or improper maintenance or storage on the buyer/user’s part. Products returned with a fault that is not covered under this warranty will incur diagnostic, repair and return freight charges.

The customer should ensure that the problem they are experiencing can not be fixed by re-calibrating their device and is not related to other issues such as general cleaning and maintenance or wear and tear. Products returned as having No Fault Found (NFF) will incur handling and return freight charges.

For detailed cleaning, maintenance and instructions on how to re-calibrate your device, please see the appropriate Instruction Manual.

All items if returned for whatever reasons must be accompanied by a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Number, which is to be issued upon request. Items returned without a RMA number will delay the process and may not be able to be processed at all.

All goods supplied must be used strictly in accordance with any applicable instructions. We accept no liability for injury or damage caused by the improper use of any goods.